Corrosion in fertilizer industry – Part 1.1

The fertilizer industry is as complex as any other industry in terms of corrosion.

Its corrosion issues begin from the storage area itself.

There are four major areas that need to be looked at from the corrosion point of view –

  1. Production
  2. Storage
  3. Transportation
  4. Field application

In the production stage, there are a few sub-steps.

The first step begins with desulphurization.
The motive is to remove the sulphur.
This sulphur is present in the feedstock, which is the raw material to make the hydrogen for ammonium.
The feedstock is petroleum and sulphur is an impurity. Along with this, there may be some produced water as well.
This petroleum is stored in tanks made of carbon steel.
It is transported to the process through carbon steel pipelines.
Carbon steel is said to have less severe corrosion due to elemental sulphur.

This corrosion due to elemental sulphur has mechanisms different from sulphidation and hydrogen sulphide corrosion.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation

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