Back in a new Avatar!

Change is the only constant.

When I started my Corrospective website two years ago, I was a total novice. I had no idea what was required to ease the process of knowledge sharing.

The last two years, I faced several difficulties with the uploading of the courses, formatting, preparation of the presentations, and purchasing issues.

I decided it was time to take the reins in my hand and start from scratch.

Welcome to the brand new CORROSPECTIVE!

As some of you know, in addition to the course website, I also have a blog for corrosion articles and quizzes.

This new website will integrate everything!

Here’s what you will find!

  1. Courses
  2. Articles
  3. Free quizzes
  4. Test series for certifications

Let us begin our journey exploring the nittygritties of corrosion!

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