Cathodic protection snapshot

Name of technique

Cathodic protection


  • Prevent corrosion
  • Complement protection given by coatings


  • A technique where an ionic current towards the structure from the electrolyte is used to counter the corrosion current flowing out of the structure.

CP criteria

  • CP potential of -850 mV vs. CSE
  • An instant off potential of at least -850 mV vs CSE
  • A minimum 100 mV polarization post instant off

CP measurement techniques

  • Soil resistivity
  • CIPS
  • DCVG
  • Line current

Factors affecting CP requirements

  • pH
  • velocity
  • ionic type
  • ionic concentration
  • temperature

Issues with CP

  • Stray current corrosion
  • Insufficient CP potential
  • Insufficient CP current
  • Electrical shorting

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