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When I began to conduct online courses for corrosion and coatings, I had participants who eagerly attended them. However, there were many who could not find the time due to their professional and personal commitments. On my end, I was unable to conduct sessions for more than one hour everyday due to my commitments.

    As a result, I was left with a feeling that I should do something more to share corrosion with others. This led to me to starting my website.

    After numerous difficulties, I was able to get it up and running.

    I am pleased to announce that is LIVE!

    This website is based on two main qualities -EASE and FLEXIBILITY

EASE of access and learning

FLEXIBILITY of time and requirements

Here are a few FAQS below-

What is it?

It is a website with online courses available for purchase.

When I access them?

Once you buy a course, you can access it anytime!

How do I know if it is good enough?

There is a TRIAL COURSE – absolutely FREE! Contact me to check  out the trial course!

Will there be more courses?

Absolutely YES! Going ahead, I have many more courses in the works related to coatings and cathodic protection.

What if I don’t find the course I want?

Contact me and let’s discuss! I will design and put up a course as per the information you require!

Can I get a preview of the courses?

YES! There are previews available on the website under each course. I will also be uploading the preview to my Youtube channel soon!

Check out the snippet of the website below!

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