How many pages long should my research paper/thesis be?

In this post, I would like to address an issue that is encountered by many undergraduates and postgraduates who are doing their very first research project.

In my experience of designing and managing projects for undergraduates, interns, and postgraduates, I so often get asked two questions –

1) “How many pages should my research report/thesis/paper be?”
2)”How many references should I put at the end of the paper?”

My answer is stop focusing on the number unless it is a strict requirement. Base your report on what you have learnt in the research work. Concentrate  on describing the amazing new things that you have got acquainted with.

At each step of the project, you will come across a small question leading to reading of new references, and you will not need to find more just for the sake of it.

Enjoy the process of writing something you found amazing.

Check out the detailed video below!



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