To being a corrosion ‘nerd’

I am someone who loves to study. This may sound ‘nerdy’. In fact, someone called me that once. I was almost 22 and even then I was OFFENDED. Hah!
This is something so many of us have struggled with. In fact, just to not be a ‘nerd’, there are people who have simply stopped studying as much as they used to. After all ‘OMG, you study so much!’ is not really ‘cool’ after a certain age.
Not anymore! I have learned that everyone is ‘nerdy’ in their own way, even those who pride themselves of being ‘laid back’ and proceed to call others ‘nerds’. 
So, here’s to you, the sports lover. YES, I am looking at you. If you can mouth off the statistics for your favourite team, you are a nerd, only a sports one.
In fact when I get hold of a magazine for corrosion, I have to take a deep breath and choose which article to read. Obviously, I want to read all the articles at once! There is so much to learn, especially in terms of science.
Well, guess what! This pandemic has turned each of us into nerds! Everyone is up and about completing certifications in a variety of topics. I have not been exposed to half of them.
I have wanted to signup for so many online courses, but two things always held me back –
1. Money 
Some of the exemplary courses are expensive. As a fellow course creator, I can totally understand this. However, as a student, I am unable to make myself go for it.
2. Time
As a WFH person, it is difficult to get sufficient time to concentrate AND complete the course in time.
Hence, when I designed the courses for my website CORROSPECTIVE , I decided to make them short and detailed.
Thus, there are three categories – Major, Mini, and Micro. The name itself defines the scope of the course.
Keeping in mind the critical issue of time, I have uploaded courses of only Mini and Micro levels. The Mini courses include sections related to electrochemistry, types of corrosion, testing methods, and corrosion prevention methods for Oil and Gas, and Marine industries. They are a comprehensive explanation of the most salient points. 

You have to put in a total of just 3 hours, AT YOUR OWN PACE!

Do you not have 3 hours? No problem! Do you have 30 minutes?
Then the Micro courses are for you! I have had students who said they want to know only about the types of corrosion. Some of them wanted to brush up only electrochemistry. If you are one of them, this category is PERFECT for you!
Do you want to try a course before deciding? No problem!

Click here to go the page of trial course. Contact me for more details. I will assign the course to you. It is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
So, let’s take pride in being nerdy! Let’s become #corrospective!

Check out the trial course snippet below!

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