Resources for a corrosion beginner

Corrosion is a complex subject. It is difficult to pick and choose the starting point. It is very easy to spiral into a confused state of mind if the right resources are not available.

Hence, I write this blog post to list out a few books which are great if you are a corrosion enthusiast.
Here goes –
1. Corrosion Engineering by Mars. G Fontana
        I love this book and I always refer to it for my work.

2. Peabody’s control of pipeline corrosion – 

3. Corrosion engineering – Principles and practice – Pierre Roberge

The website has a more extensive list of corrosion articles.

Other than that, there are online corrosion magazines which you can access –

1. Materials performance –


3. CORROSION journal –  it has a few open access articles.
Check out these resources as a starting point!

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