Abbreviation day – EN 50125-1 Standard for Railways

 EN 50125-1 Standard for Railways

🔴 With so many short forms used in our work all around, it gets confusing and it is also not possible to remember/know all of them. So here’s something new.

🔴 I will take up one short form/standard name and describe in a couple of lines what it is. Some of you may be familiar with some of the common ones.

Today it is 📌 EN 50125-1 📌

🔴 EN stands for European standards.

🔴 EN 50125-1 is the standard used in railways to determine if the equipment (material, design) is compatible with the environmental conditions in Europe.

🔴Simply put, if you are in charge of design and manufacturing of a railway part, you have to look at this standard to see the environmental condition in the area of operation of the train.

🔴 The selection of the material, design, surface treatments, have to be then decided depending on how severe the environment is (sunny/cold/wind/snow etc.)

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😀Happy learning!😀

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