Corrosion in daily life – Steel frames on a balcony

Corrosion in daily life – Steel frames

Looking at LinkedIn, corrosion may feel like an extremely intricate issue seen in large industries.

However, looking around, we can see corrosion everywhere!

Where was this photo taken?

The photo above is of a steel frame attached to a balcony. 

The part shown here is the bottom part of the frame.
The coatings for such steel parts usually serve the purpose of moderate corrosion protection and more of aesthetics. If you observe, the thickness of the coatings also does not seem to be a lot.

Why did the coating degrade?

When it rains, the rainwater collects on the bottom of the frames. 

This degrades the coating. At the places where it is not perfect anyway, the underlying steel is free to corrode.
Most importantly, corrosion is more severe at the edges. It is severe enough to chip off the material entirely. That point is a prime site for crack formation and breaking of the frame.

Have you seen such corrosion in your balcony frame? Let me know in the comment section!

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