Important terms in API certifications – CRV & IOW – I

CRV stands for critical reliability variables.

It notes the variables, i.e. parameters which are the most important in damaging the reliability of the equipment.

In simple terms, it is that parameter which if changed will damage your equipment.

This parameter is important in risk-based inspection.

It helps to note the exact parameters, may be temperature, pressure, pH, which will increase the risk of corrosion and damage.


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Reference: “Development of Corrosion Control Document Database System in Crude Distillation Unit”, Junghwan Kim, Wonsub Lim, Younghee Lee, Seungnam Kim, Sang-Rok Park, Sun-Kyu Suh, and Il Moon, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2011 50 (13), 8272-8277

DOI: 10.1021/ie101871a

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